About Me

I am a Mother

Ever since I could remember, I wanted to be a mother.  I actually remember the dreaded 8th grade project where you had to take a baby home with you and take care of it, I chose to take it home over the weekend because all I wanted was to take care of a baby.  So to be lucky enough to not only have 1 but 3 girls is everything I could ever want and need.  I am blessed with 3 beautiful and crazy little girls that make my world.  They drive me nuts, give me headaches, make me want to scream and then seconds later melt my heart, fill my world with joy, make me happy cry, and make it all worth it.

Family is the best F word. 

Family is the most important part of my life.  If you have ever met my family, you would understand.  My sisters and brothers are my best friends, we do a lot together, my mom lives a few blocks away from me (I bought my house so I could be close to her), my best friends are actually embedded into my family because we do so much together.  Without my family, I would have nothing.  I am the oldest of 8 kids, so everything I ever do is done because of and inspite of them.  I have always been “the example” and the one to set the trail for the others and I take the job pretty serious.  Being the big sister is a tough gig but I enjoy it!

More About Me

I am annoyingly optimistic and positive because to me there is a silver lining in every situation.  Karma is how I live my life to the point where I believe if I tell a lie, I will probably trip and fall on my face later.  So, I truly do live my life with the sense that if you do good, it will come back to you and if you do bad, it will for sure come back to you.  I have had a lot of life experiences and I am hoping that I can share those with all of you in hopes that maybe my lessons can help you to avoid some of the hard ones that I’ve had to learn.  I’m also a huge advoacate for women everywhere trying to do something more with their life.  Too often we spend so much time bringing each other down and I am all about banding together and women empowerment.  Join my Facebook group, The Ultimate Woman if you too are down for building eachother up!

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