10 Things I Could Totally Live Without

As promised, here is my follow up to 10 things I can’t live without. This list was actually harder to come up with believe it or not.


My sister actually used to chase me around the house with a full onion, pin me down and take bites of raw onion in my face. BARF! The smell of them, the taste of them, the texture of them, and anything else you can use to describe their nastiness. Due to the texture I actually have an automatic gag reflex and if I bit into a raw onion or a semi cooked onion I am likely to throw up. Occasionally, I will actually cook with onions in my soups during the winter time but I make sure they’re soft before eating them.

2. Cigarettes

Confession: I used to be a smoker! From about the age of about 16 until the day I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter over 6 years ago and I haven’t touched them since. They smell terrible and they’re incredibly bad for you! Sometimes I still cant believe that I was ever a smoker because of how much I despise the smell of them.

3. Dead Beat Parents

This is a really tough one for me! My father chose drugs and other women over his own kids, wife, and family. I was never able to understand how any parent could just walk away from their children. Since having children, I understand it even less. Those little people are so amazing! They are mini versions of you in both good and bad ways, they’re smart, they’re funny, they’re witty, they make you proud, sad, and every other feeling you could possibly imagine. How, as a parent you could just walk away from all of that is beyond any understanding that I will ever have. This might be one of the only times that I will judge someone.

I am not talking about the people that decide to give their kids up for adoption, some people are not ready to be parents and I get that. I am talking about the people that are selfish and choose themselves and walking away over staying and being a parent. My father has 7 kids by 3 different women and hasn’t raised a single one. Luckily, most of us had amazing Step Dads that were willing to step in and be the father and role model that he chose not to be but there are tons of children out there that aren’t so lucky. There are tons of single mothers out there having to be the mother and the father and there are tons of fathers out there having to be both as well. Shout out to all of you carrying both roles and being everything that you can for your kids, you’re the real super heroes!

4. Drugs

To go along with the last one, I could live without drugs. When I say drugs I am not referring to weed/marijuana. That is not a drug! I am talking about the hard stuff; meth, crack, heroin, and people that abuse prescription drugs. My father has used meth amphetamines pretty much my whole life. I can’t tell you how many birthdays I got calls from jail, how many missed events that he said he would be there but then picked drugs instead. The longest stretch that he has gone without doing them was when he was in prison for a few years and then on pretty heavy probation. We had the best relationship at this time, I used to go visit him, write him, send him money and pictures, sent him music so he could play the guitar and practice. I actually bought a guitar and started playing so that when he got out we could play together then he borrowed my guitar, pawned it and I never got it back. The silver lining to this was having a closer relationship with my Grandmother, she would take us on the weekends he was supposed to have us as well as my aunt and uncle who before even having kids of their own had a hand in raising us.

My step brother passed away almost two years ago from a heroin overdose. He moved back to Iowa to get clean and get his life back together and he was thriving. After my parents helped him and his girlfriend detox, get jobs, get on their feet, and get an apartment of their own he sadly went back to it. There is speculation that his girlfriend dragged him back into and waited to call the police but at the end of the day it was his choice. So much life ahead of him and so many memories that we miss out on now because of drugs.

If you choose to do hard drugs, that is your choice! I am not judging your decision but I will tell you how I feel about it. In all honesty there are so many more things that can be considered a drug if you abuse it. If you’re harming your body to feel better, it is a drug, a habit, a choice that you’re making to hurt yourself and potentially the people around you.

5. The Smell Of Fried Peppers

Ever go to a Mexican restaurant and get fajitas or sit with someone that got fajitas? You are going to smell like body odor until you wash yourself and your clothes. Its gross! I suppose this really goes with onions because fried onions have the same nasty smell. I do cook fajitas at home every other week and the smell tends to linger in the how for a few days.

6. Irresponsible People

When I say irresponsible I mean people that refuse to take responsibility for their own lives and their own actions. These are the people that constantly blame other people and situations for all the bad that happens to them in their life. When you take responsibility for your own life and what you do, you can accomplish so much more than you are. Trying to explain this to those type of people is damn near impossible! When you blame others for your life, you’re not taking ownership over all of the terrible things you have done to get to where you are or what you did to end up in the your situation. Bottom line is, you and only you control your path! Once you let go of your past, what happened to you, and take control of where you’re going with your life next, your life will change and until then, it will continue to be what it is. It is up to you to grow as a person!

7. Below 30 Degree Weather

You might wonder why I live in Iowa after that statement but I will probably never leave. I love living here, I love that my mom is 2 mins away from me, I love that all of my siblings are within a 10 minute drive, I love that it takes me 15 minutes to get to work, I love that I get to raise my kids in the city that I grew up in, I love that I get to experience all of the seasons, and I really don’t mind the snow that much. The ridiculous arctic freeze is what I can’t handle. I was not made for these cold temps! I love to be warm and I would rather be hot than cold. There was a point in my life where I wouldn’t even use the AC because I don’t want to be cold or all bundled up in my own house but apparently, that’s not allowed in my house now!

8. Child Illnesses

Really, any incurable illness. A parent should never have to lay their own children to rest before their own passing. A parent should be able to watch their children grow up and have children of their own and become who they’re supposed to be. It’s easy to say that there is a plan for everyone and that everything happens for a reason until it hits home and you have to say goodbye to a loved one, especially a child.

9. Racism & Bigotry

I hope and dream that my children never have to deal with racism but I know that it will most likely happen at some point in their life. We are all mixed with something, we are all made by God, we all wake up the same way in the morning and we are all just trying to get through life. How you could hate someone you don’t even know purely based on their skin color, sexual preference, religious beliefs, gender, or age is beyond anything I will ever be able to understand. I still cant believe that this is something we are still dealing with today but it happens every single day. This all starts with the children that we are raising, raise them up right! What you do and what you say has an impact on their life! Spread the love ya’ll!

10. Rude People

This falls under a lot of categories but mostly its the people that don’t hold the door for you when you’re right behind them, people that purposely speed up when they see you’re trying to get into the lane, people that don’t say bless you when you sneeze, people that don’t use please and thank you, people that purposely try to annoy or get under your skin, people that take out their frustrations on a stranger because they’re unhappy, people that say cruel things just say them, trolls on the internet, and I could go on forever but you know the type. Don’t be that person!

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