10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Okay so maybe I could live without these things but life would be so sad 🙁 and I might cry without them. Also, these are not just ordinary “things” as in tangible items, they’re feelings, expressions, and actions. There are obvious things like tennis shoes, a home, a car, leggings, a job, and so on but these are the things that I just cant function with out. These are not numbered by importance or order.

1.) Snuggles and hugs!

I refuse to live without snuggles both from my kids, my siblings, my nieces and nephews, my love or friends. Some days my kids are a bit overwhelming and we joke that if they could crawl right back up inside me they would but I truly do love snuggling with them. My baby sister is 14 years younger than I am and she is probably one of my favorite people to snuggle up to. As she got older she never stopped wanting to snuggle and wrap up with me. There are times when she doesn’t understand boundaries like when I was pregnant she liked to play with my belly button and wouldn’t leave it alone or play with my extra fat but I still love her weirdness. My nephew Isaac was always such a snuggler and even as big as he was at 10 years old he would still let me hold him like a baby, what I wouldn’t give to sit and hold him again. My niece, Gabby is also a big snuggler. She will stop what she is doing to sit with me and snuggle up and even though she is just a tiny little thing, she gives the best hugs. I tend to radiate heat so for as long as he will let me I will snuggle up to my love.

Love to me isn’t just a feeling or an expression of that love its also touch and actions. I need to feel the love and sometimes if I don’t I will stop my kids for a hug, I will go sit on my love and smother him with kisses and hugs, or I will wrestle with my sister on the floor. Maybe its because I grew up getting so much love from my family, my mom, and my friends. Or maybe its because my mom made my sister/cousins and I stand in the corner and hug each other for our timeouts when we couldn’t get along. I like hugs and I even have favorite people to get hugs from. Be a good hugger and a good snuggler, it could be the thing that gets to someones soul and fills their life up in that moment.

2.) Forgiveness

I was raised with a loving heart. My mom is one of the most forgiving and loving people that you will ever meet. Honestly, both of my parents are. No matter who you are or what you have done to them they will still help you with open arms and no judgments. They’re the best people I know! There are times where I am conflicted on how I feel about something or someone and I either talk through it with my mom or think about how my mom or dad might deal with it. There is no room in my heart for hate! I don’t hold grudges and I don’t like being mad at anyone. It is hard for me to continue to be mad at anyone no matter what they have done. I think it was on the movie Hope Floats where the mom says, “I love all of gods creatures, I just love some more than others.” Or something along those lines, I feel that way too. For this reason, I have a really hard time with people that hold on to grudges or that hold on to the past or that hold on to hate in their heart. I like to act like it but I am not one of those people that is ok with people not liking me. I am a very likable person, I am not trying to be facetious or conceded I just know that I’m pretty freaking awesome so when people don’t like me, it bothers me. It makes me feel like I need to smother that person with my personality until they like me. LIKE ME!!!! Sprinkle that shit all over them until they do.

3.) Chap Stick

For realz! I have an obsession with my chap stick and not just any chap stick but cocoa butter chap stick. I wont use any other kind and because of that, I buy it in bulk. Walgreens used to sell it when I was younger but now I can only find it online. I have a bedroom chap stick, a bathroom chap stick, a kitchen chap stick, a car chap stick, a work chap stick, and a purse chap sticks. The purse chap stick is in almost every purse that I have or have used at one point in time. You can find my chap stick all over my house. I have big lips and I like to keep them moisturized. I also, lick my lips a lot which is why I only like the cocoa butter kind because it doesn’t have a nasty taste or film that it leaves. I am not one of those girls that does the whole lipstick thing, I have tried….its just not me but chap stick is always on hand.

4.) Lotion

To go along with the moisturizing, I need soft skin! I drink a lot of water so I go to the bathroom a lot and I hate the feeling of dry hands so every time I go to the bathroom, I wash my hands which dries them out so I have lotion to put on my hands after every potty break. I put lotion on my whole body when I get out of the shower and I even sleep with a humidifier to keep my bedroom from drying out. My skin is important to me and when I am 90 years old I don’t want rough droopy skin, I want soft droopy skin. Vaseline is my favorite brand! I use cocoa butter until the summer months and then I switch to their Aloe kind for a few months.

5.) Words of Affirmation

I am pretty low maintenance in the sense that it doesn’t take much to make me happy. I am a glass half full type of person and I like to look on the bright side of every situation because I am optimistic. I do however, need feedback! Whether its good or bad, I need to know how I am doing! I need to know what can be done to improve, always. It can be kind of annoying, I am sure but its something that I crave! It’s crazy because I can see this in my 5 year old already. She needs that constant feedback that she is doing a good job, that you’re proud of her, that you love her, that you appreciate her. She is just like her Mamma! I was always a teacher’s pet growing up, had to be the best in the class, had to gain attention from the teacher, had to have the best grades, had to be the best of my siblings, had to make my parents the most proud and so on. I am very competitive in the sense that I am willing to do what it takes to be the best. When I say do what it takes, I don’t mean cheating or doing anything unethical, I will literally work my ass off and go above and beyond to be the best. I will figure out a way to make things work to get to where I need to be. To go along with that, I need to also hear that I am the best!

6.) Music

If I had to give up one of my senses my very last choice would be to give up the ability to hear. Music is everything to me! I am always listening to something and I like all kind of music. I listen to every genre and have a certain type that I like to listen to for every mood. You might catch me in the car with the kids listening to The Greatest Showman Soundtrack and then after I drop them off I am all the way up with Cardi B. On my way home, if I am trying to wind down I will listen to some chill tunes like Coldplay or John Mayer and getting ready it varies but Marren Morris is my current go to. At work I like to listen to 90s hip hop or 90s alternative, 80s rock and everything else in between. I love live music too, I dont get to go to as many shows as I used to but there is something about live music that just moves me. The point is, I need music! It speaks to my soul and all of my emotions.

7.) My family

I have a few friends the are under the family category and even some of my siblings friends that are also under that umbrella. There have been some really hard and low times in my life that I literally couldn’t have gotten through if it weren’t for my family. They are the reason that some days don’t seem so bad. If I am feeling any certain way I can call my mom or one of my sisters or check my snapchat from my siblings group and there is something that they say or do that will cheer me up. This morning I got a random “Happy Friday” text from my best friend that made my day just letting me know she heard a song by one of my favorite artist that reminded her of me. To my family, even if its something small that you do or say, know that you impact my life greatly and I couldn’t get through with out all of you.

8.) My kids

I have always wanted to be a mom but had no idea it would be this great. Those little monsters are my reason for living! If I never get to hear the words, “Mommy, I love you to the moon and back!” my life would be lost. My favorite thing about myself is that I’m a mom, they literally make me the person that I am and I couldn’t imagine a world where they don’t exist or that I don’t exist as their mother. If I knew my body would bounce back and money wasn’t an obstacle I would probably just keep having kids. For right now, I could settle for at least one more. Did you ever watch the show “Brothers & Sisters”? Where they had 5 kids and the mom constantly had her kids coming over and they had so much drama? That is kind of what my mom has, her house is sanctuary for all of us and that is what I want for all of my kids. They might fight now but I tell them all the time that some day they will be the very best of friends and I hope that they want to come home to moms house to chill and get their drama out.

9.) Summer

Summer, the sun and everything that goes with it! I need summer in my life! Summer is my favorite time of year! I like it hot, I can handle the humidity as long as I am on a boat, on the beach, or by a swimming pool. My skin is like a magnet for the sun and my body needs it. A lot of kids go on vacations in the summer time and travel to cool places but my family went camping for weeks at a time and it was the most fun. I love camping, boating, swimming, sun bathing, cooking out, and the list goes on. As long as its outside and the sun is shining, I am there!

10.) Mi Amor

I know I just made a post about him but literally, I couldn’t live without him. Even when he pisses me off like he did yesterday by being a lazy bum I still love him so much and couldn’t imagine my life without him. He is my other half in every way. We work together as a team, we parent together, we communicate, we do everything together, he is my best friend and my soul mate.

So there it is, maybe I’ll hit you with the opposite next week with things I could totally live without. What is your list? What can’t you live without?

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